We print our products with care at our fulfillment centers in LA, Charlotte, Mexico, and Riga. Everyone at team Tradingshop enjoys paid time off, healthcare benefits, and a safe and friendly work environment.

Each facility has implemented corporate social responsibility initiatives, like LED lighting and recycling programs for paper, plastic, and glass. All ink waste is disposed of to meet environmental regulations. We also donate damaged products to charitable organizations.


As a general rule of thumb, all Tradingshop products are packaged in paper or plastic mailers or cardboard boxes. Depending on local supply availability, packaging can be made of recycled, partially recycled, or virgin materials. Whenever needed, we use clear mailers, tissue paper, foam pouches, or bubble wrap to protect products from breaking or scratching.

The most commonly used packaging in our facilities is a post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic mailer. If there’s more than one product, after putting each item in its own separate transparent polymer bag, we then place them all together in a PCR polymer mailer. 

PCR plastics are made from items people recycle every day, like plastic bags and bottles. Most of our PCR plastics are made from shopping bags and wrapping films.

The amount of PCR in the packaging differs for each fulfillment location, but it’s at least 50% for the outside (white or grey) poly mailer bags and at least 30% for the inside (clear) bags used in multi-item shipments.

As of May 2022, we’re starting to gradually switch to 90%–100% PCR plastic packaging for apparel products in our in-house facilities all over North America. 

Below is an extensive list of various product categories and their packaging descriptions.

Apparel and other textile products

Textile products, including clothing and home & living products like towels, blankets, pillowcases, etc., are generally packaged in post-consumer recycled (PCR) polymer mailers. If there’s more than one product, after putting each item in its own separate transparent polymer bag, we then place them all together in a PCR polymer mailer. 

We use compostable eco mailers for all apparel orders fulfilled in Australia. These mailers have the supplier’s name and composting instructions on them.

Apparel orders in the Japanese and Chinese partner facilities are packaged in plastic mailers.


Structured hats are packaged in corrugated cardboard boxes. Beanies are packed in post-consumer recycled (PCR) polymer mailers, just like other apparel items.

Home & living

Most sublimated home textile items go in post-consumer recycled (PCR) polymer mailers. Large products and oversized multi-item shipments are packaged in cardboard boxes.

Mugs, water bottles, tumblers, and other drinkware are packaged in cardboard boxes, as are all beauty products like body washes and lotions. Jigsaw puzzles sent from our partner facility are protected by a recycled cardboard box.


We use kraft envelopes or resealable plastic bags with stay-flat inserts to pack stickers, depending on the location. Similarly, we use kraft envelopes to package greeting cards and postcards.

Journals are shipped in flat paper mailers, while notebooks and calendars are packed in cardboard boxes.

Wall art

Canvases and framed posters also come in cardboard boxes ranging in dimensions from 12 × 18 × 2 to 28 × 38 × 6 in.

Framed posters are first wrapped in tissue paper to protect them from scratches and then wrapped in a layer of adhesive bubble wrap or a foam pouch.

Posters are shipped in triangular kraft boxes to ensure safe delivery and avoid using plastic caps. In several locations, we use stay-flat envelopes for posters in size 8 × 10 in. Orders fulfilled in Australia are packaged in cylinder cardboard tubes.

Other decors

Tradingshop offers other home decor and small accessories that are fulfilled by well-respected and tested partner companies across the globe. Our partners use cardboard boxes for larger products like metal prints. Small items like pin buttons and magnets are packed in paper mailers. 

Tech accessories

Most facilities use paper mailers to pack phone cases. Our partners in Japan use a mix of plastic bags and padded paper envelopes to package phone cases. 

AirPods® go in padded paper mailers with an additional protective polypropylene pouch inside.

Gaming mouse pads are packed into corrugated cardboard boxes.